BIM Software Provides Smart As-Builts for Owners

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Technology continues to make huge strides in the built environment. Building Information Modeling (BIM) brings immense value to owners as it increases efficiency during projects and minimizes risk. BIM software solutions continue to be a valuable resource for Owners in the management of their buildings.

Process of integrating smart as-builts

BIManywhere is an application that is currently being used to help facilitate the final turnover package for the Brock Environmental Center. Before drywall was installed, photos were captured of the interior of the walls throughout the building and stored in the software. Then, QR codes were created to go inside each of the doorframes of the building. This gives the Owner easy access into information of what is inside each wall, such as Mechanical, Electrical and Plumbing equipment.

Features of BIManywhere application

This solution will help with the day-to-day maintenance for the Chesapeake Bay Foundation, owner of the Brock Environmental Center. The features of the software include:

  • Paperless, one-click access to obtain location and product information for materials and equipment that are installed underground, in walls and above ceilings
  • Portable access to software with a PC or iPad
  • Navigation of a 3D model
  • One scan to get a position
  • Cloud based data

In addition, information including all RFI’s, submittals, drawings and specs, can be accessed at any time.

Benefits to the Owner

For this particular project, the Owner (Chesapeake Bay Foundation) will experience many benefits from the product including:

  • A quicker understanding of the building systems at turnover
  • Faster access to project information
  • Ability to query data and documents associated with building elements
  • Capability to access plans, specs, product data, shop drawings, O&M manuals, warranty information, and installation pictures all from a single source
  • Mobile-friendly application
  • Reduced time to find resources for the management of the facility
  • Organized and structured pieces of information that lead the user directly to the required source

Maintaining a highly sustainable building with multifaceted systems, like the Brock Environmental Center, will not be without its challenges. However, the Owner will have the tools to support a net-zero energy and water facility.

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