Drone Video of the Brock Environmental Center

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The Brock Environmental Center is targeting Living Building Challenge certification, LEED Platinum and aiming to be the greenest building in Virginia. View the building from the eyes of a drone and learn about the unique features of the Center that will contribute to it being a net-zero facility.



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lorraine doo says:

howdy folks! some of us met at last year’s Living Future conference when we were talking about the challenges of the LBC! I am working with a group in florida interested in pursuing LBC – a non-profit conservation program. They are trying to estimate the soft costs of researching the materials that will be needed, and we all know that is the great “unknown.” Everyone has to be invested in the project. You have done so much good work for the Chesapeake Bay Foundation, and a lot of your research was probably done probono or through students. Do you have any kind of estimate you can share of about how many hours were spent, either paid or volunteer, on your soft costs for the CBF project? I’ll submit the question to the dialog too, but wondered if you had any insight you could share. Thank you!
congrats on finishing the Virginia Beach building – it’s beautiful!

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