Sports and Recreation

Sports and recreation facilities are more than just concrete and steel. They are the places where records are set, rivalries are settled and performance breakthroughs are made. And they are the home of the dreams and passions of the athletes, fans, supporters and owners who use them.

From football stadiums to aquatic centers, from fan lounges to training camps, these are the projects where we usually face our most formidable adversary—the clock. Our experience has shown that while weather and site conditions may change, one thing that never does is opening day. At Hourigan, we thrive on the adrenaline rush of a complex, fast track project. Like any winning team we stay focused on the end result, confidently bringing order to what may seem like chaos and clearing any hurdles that threaten success. Victory for us means delivering a facility that an owner, institution, team and community will be proud of and enjoy for many years.