Undertaking the renovation of an existing facility—whether 20 years old or 200—requires a seasoned, responsive partner who can help navigate the complexities with a well-defined process. Our extensive experience has shown us that a thorough preconstruction assessment is essential to a successful outcome. The Hourigan team conducts extensive due diligence to understand existing conditions and create a plan that meets budget and schedule needs with maximum safety and minimum disruption to ongoing operations.

Historic Renovation–Honoring and preserving the past while adapting a building for current and future use presents unique challenges. A comprehensive set of plans is a rare luxury so we spend a great deal of time cataloging features and systems. Then, with great care and sensitivity, we combine science and art to restore and even recreate history. This thoughtful approach is particularly important when pursuing historic tax credits. We work collaboratively with owners, architects and trade professionals to ensure team-wide understanding of the requirements so that the project meets the key qualifications.

 Traditional Renovation—Whether renovating a business, school, healthcare facility or military installation, maintaining ongoing operations is a critical consideration. Through daily communication and a proven planning system our team strives to mitigate noise, limit disruptions and communicate safety considerations.