Every Hourigan project team member has earned professional certification from The American Society for Healthcare Engineering (ASHE).

While the healthcare world is complex and ever-changing thanks to technology and regulation, at its most basic level it is ultimately about people. The first things we build on any project are relationships with the medical and facilities staff. Through extensive upfront collaboration we strive to understand their needs, how they will move within the space and the manner in which they will use the equipment. Our experience includes construction of acute-care hospitals, academic medical centers, outpatient facilities, and medical office buildings.

Renovations—When undertaking the renovation of a healthcare facility, we keep in mind the physician’s oath: first do no harm. The Hourigan team never loses sight of the fact that we are working around staff, patients and family members in what may be high stress situations. Communication is the key, as well as a thorough logistics plan and a shared sense of commitment. Throughout the renovation process we strive to minimize the impact of our work to ongoing operations. We design comprehensive life safety and infection control plans that are monitored daily, and even hourly, to ensure compliance.

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