Hourigan’s experience building for the government and military includes airfield and hangar upgrades, office buildings and highly secure facilities. Meeting the needs of our federal clients requires all of Hourigan’s multi-disciplinary capabilities to operate in concert:

Budget and Schedule—These are paramount considerations with any project but especially when the U.S. taxpayer is the ultimate client. Our collaborative approach and focus on risk identification and mitigation combine to meet delivery objectives and reduce unexpected issues that create change orders.

Security—We maintain the necessary security clearances, allowing us to serve the needs of the Intelligence and Special Forces communities. Additionally, Hourigan’s Protégé partner firm, SYNCON, is led by a retired U.S. Navy Seal, whose field experience provides a unique perspective and user’s point-of-view.

Sustainability—As a leading proponent of LEED certification, the U.S. government is at the forefront of sustainable building initiatives. We have successfully constructed five LEED facilities in Norfolk and Virginia Beach for the U.S. Navy.