Fast Track

“We don’t run away from Fast Track projects, we run toward them.”

~ Todd Donaldson, Executive Vice President

Projects with seemingly impossible deadlines and a high degree of complexity and unknowns are ones most firms would avoid. At Team Hourigan we say, “bring it on.”

Building a reputation for making the complex appear easy, Hourigan is the recognized leader in Fast Track Delivery. Without compromising our high standards, the team quickly unites around a clear mission to define and execute the plan. Our “can-and-will-do” attitude becomes contagious and creates alignment among project partners.

We are proud to have built many of the most complex fast track projects in the region, including the PMUSA Center for  Research and Technology, where we were able to complete $250 million of construction in 24 months. That’s an astonishing $10 million of construction put in place per month. Additionally, the Bon Secours Washington Redskins Training Center (pictured above), was completed in just 24 short weeks.