Mark Hourigan


Mark has never met a sport he didn’t like including golf, swimming, water and snow skiing, tennis, soccer and scuba diving. The competitive spirit and discipline of constant improvement that were instilled in him as a student athlete are evident today at Hourigan Construction.

Owner and president Mark Hourigan has more than 30 years of experience in the commercial construction industry. His ability to understand the big picture, coupled with his keen eye for detail, consistently allow him to focus on the drivers of success for Hourigan’s clients. Acting as a champion for innovation and fostering a consultative approach, he has instilled a discipline for continuous improvement throughout the organization.

Mark’s commitment to developing people to their fullest potential is evident in the team he has assembled at Hourigan, as well as the formal Mentor-Protégé relationship established with Syncon. Growing the next generation of industry leaders is another of his passions and one that has led to a role on the Advisory Board at the Virginia Tech School of Building Construction. In this role, he serves as a guest lecturer, assists in developing curriculum, sponsors internships and provides real world experience for capstone coursework by integrating the students into Hourigan projects.

As a trusted voice at the table, Mark’s “buck stops here” leadership not only benefits clients, owners and sub-contractors, but goes beyond the profession and into the community, where he serves on numerous boards.